Mallorca Wedding Photographers

Natan Sans and Esther are wedding photographers in Mallorca.

Spontaneity, naturalness, emotionality and coherence are the hallmark
of the work of Natan Sans.

Cool, funny, bold, different images make up the
a large mosaic of the portfolio of our website with many parts of the world. The Mediterranean light,
unique and with its peculiar “aroma” to party and history almost always
present, ocher, white, blue, complete the binomial that conforms
the photographer with his instinct.

Natan – with his partner Esther – offers us a different job,
but he is not the typical photographer “nouvelle vague” who
likes to shoot everything without judgment, a job well done not depends only on good reflexes.
A previous work of approaching the bride and groom allows to know them
in detail to be able to carry out his work with more freedom if it is possible … Dare, a philosophy and spontaneity is
the bridge to tell a coherent story, emotional, elegant, the
story of a couple, of a unique day.

Because, in short, a wedding report must prevail
love, and the reflection of life.