Lovely wedding in New York, Queens Museum


Who doesn’t love New York?

When the opportunity arose this year to cover a wedding there helping like second photographer Adonye Jaja, a renowned american wedding photographer, joining too with my friend Don Bringas, yeaah!! I couldn’t help it !!, Inmediattely arranged the schedule to be there coming from our workshop teached in Mexico.

The getting ready was in the nice Box House Hotel in Brooklyn, and the lovely ceremony and next reception was inside the Queens Museum.

Lovely Wedding in New York

I shot weddings in theathers, castles, in the middle of the wood, in the sand on the beach, and other incredible places, but never in a Museum…my first time!!!! I loved it!!!

The couple, Marissa & Shayn, their family and friends, all together are amazing people and with their naturality help alot to configure this nice story in images. Thanks for enjoy your day and give to us a great images to remember forever.

I hope love this selection of images to explain the story of lovely wedding in New YorkΒ .


The Box House Hotel MASHP-002 MASHP-003 MASHP-004 Boho Chic bride with bouquet in New York MASHP-006 MASHP-007-1-1 MASHP-008-1-1 MASHP-009-1-1 MASHP-010-1-1Β MASHP-011

by Natan Sans

by Natan Sans

MASHP-014 MASHP-015 MASHP-016 MASHP-017 MASHP-018 Lovely Wedding in New York MASHP-020 MASHP-021 MASHP-022 MASHP-023-okMASHP-024 MASHP-025 MASHP-026-1 MASHP-027 MASHP-028 MASHP-029 MASHP-030 MASHP-031 MASHP-032 MASHP-034 MASHP-035 MASHP-036 MASHP-037 MASHP-038 MASHP-039 MASHP-039BIS MASHP-040 MASHP-041Wedding in Queens MuseumMASHP-042 MASHP-045 MASHP-046 MASHP-047 MASHP-048 MASHP-049 MASHP-050 MASHP-051 MASHP-052 MASHP-053 MASHP-054 MASHP-055 MASHP-056 MASHP-057 MASHP-058 MASHP-059 MASHP-060 MASHP-061 MASHP-063 MASHP-064 MASHP-065 MASHP-066 MASHP-067 MASHP-068 MASHP-069 MASHP-070 MASHP-071 MASHP-072 MASHP-073 MASHP-074 MASHP-075 MASHP-076