Our work is so satisfying, amazing, love it!
Is not about travel at exotic locations, or luxurious hotels ( like this one , Cap Rocat Wedding in Mallorca ), no, is not about material things ( of course, always interesting ), is about to meet interesting people from far away around the world and capture unique moments, relationships, emotions, situations, and specially love, with our special arty point of view. Is always a challenge. Yes, we love our work!

Cap Rocat Wedding Mallorca

In this case, she is a wonderful bride…and mother of three, too!! Yes, last baby born only 6 weeks before the wedding!!! She is strong woman, sweet and happy ( love this kind of brides!! ) and he, the groom, love her so much, you can see it in his eyes. They are a very cool couple.
We had the honour to document their Wedding Day in Mallorca. Thanks, L & G , for your trust in us.
Take a look at the hightlights pics of Cap Rocat WeddingΒ inΒ Mallorca, I hope you enjoy!!!


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